Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain Volunteers Vandalize My Bumper Sticker

Yesterday a volunteer from the McCain campaign wrecked my Obama '08 bumper sticker on my car.

There was at least one McCain volunteer in our neighborhood yesterday around noon. My mother had just gotten home from work around 12:30. She came in, furiously, and said "Go look what they did to your car, because this better be a joke."

That's what I found. My bumper sticker was half way torn off and a McCain/Palin pamphlet was placed under it. This person actually went about 5-10 feet into my yard to do this crap.

I went around my block and bumper stickers were placed on all of my neighbor's porches. Including my own.

My father and I drove around the area looking for the guy, I asked around and the folks in the neighborhood who saw him say that he was around in a ten minute time span.

No luck so we did go to the Police. They couldn't really do much since we had no ID on the person who did this. But the officer we spoke to told us to call 9/11 if we see another trespasser like this on our property. We will and I am keeping my eye out.

I went to the Luzerne County Republican Headquarters on the Square to voice my complaint. They were nice, but tried to convince me that it must have been some prankster in my neighborhood. That is bull. I know and understand that the McCain campaign itself does not condone such actions, but this could not have been anyone else but an individual with immediate access to those pamphlets. Not a pamphlet was missing from a home on my street or immediate area.

Whoever did this was a McCain volunteer with those pamphlets.

I did get a replacement for my bumpersticker.

But these actions do not speak positively at all. The actions of this individual does represent the McCain campaign.

We all know what a fit there would be if an Obama volunteer had done this.


Big Dan said...

There's your "high class" McCain supporters for you! I would never vote for a Republican for the rest of my life.

In the 1980's when I was a young lad like you, not even into politics, I was on unemployment and Ronald Reagan started taxing unemployment. From that day forward I swore I would never again vote for a Republican. And Republicans have actually gotten WORSE since Reagan! (see Bush: worst president ever)

If you have huge college loans, you can thank the REPUBLICANS for that. They're against education our young American citizens at a fair price. It makes the military more attractive for the youth, so they can sacrifice them for their wars in which they dare not send their own sons and daughters. Wars based on Lies. Bush should've been impeached.

Big Dan said...

Maybe if you caught the person running away, he would've yelled back at you, "Nigger lover!" as he cowardly ran away. Too bad you don't find out who did it and shove the McCain literature where the sun doesn't shine.

Big Dan

Personally, I'd love to catch someone doing this to me, they wouldn't like it, though.

David Yonki said...

2004 was a banner year for yard sign vandalism at my house. Everytime I put a Kerry sign in the yard, someone took it. Had to replace it every day. They left the Jack Wagner signs alone. Then they freaked when I put Arlen Specter signs out with the Kerry ones. Totally confused them but they must have got some of their pro life crazies to help them because I had to replace the Specter yard signs everyday.