Thursday, October 16, 2008

This Is Just Absurd

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on Wednesday rejected the idea that she has launched negative attacks against Barack Obama.

Oh really?

Associating him with terrorists isn't a negative attack? Slamming his views on abortion isn't a negative attack?

She is quite honestly full of it. The McCain/Palin campaign has been disgustingly negative.

And you know why?

Because short of vile hatred and deceit they have nothing to offer the American people. They realize they cannot win this election based off of the economy. So they go for the negativity and the mud slinging.

They obviously are so cynical that they believe that Americans will fall for this.

Guess what.

They are not.

Palin and McCain have tried the Ayers attack and it is not working.

Know why?

Because the issue of Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers will not fix the economy. It will not end he Iraq war. It will not help the millions of Americans who are hurt by this economy are not going to be helped.

From a CNN Poll:

Obama's connection to William Ayers matters to you...

Great Deal 23
Somewhat 14
Not Much 11
Not At All 51

That 23% is also about the same number of who President Bush is still doing a good job.

Go figure!!!

That's How I See It!

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